Glaz Chips Fire Glass

The Alternative Product for Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Reflective Fireglass

Add an extra feature to your existing indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit with reflective fire glass. No matter the type of burner you have installed in your fire place, by having a reflective fire glass color you will see more of the “dazzling” effect as the flame dances over your fire glass. Although standard colors are beautiful you can add more personality by adding a reflective color. Glaz Chips’ reflective products has a mirror type quality that contributes to that effect. To no avail, Glaz Chips reflective fire glass looks just as amazing in the day time as at does at night.

If you would like to place an order please visit us online at Or feel free to contact us toll free : (877) 371-1418. Glaz Chips packages your 1/4″ fire glass in 10lb bags, 25 lb and 65 lb buckets. Free shipping available for orders over $99.

Multiple projects ahead but would like to inquire about our volume discount? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Glaz Chips Fire Glass appreciates your business and would certainly like to accommodate to your needs and budget. Fill out the form below with and tell us about your projects and/or volume that you are inquiring about.

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