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Spring or Summer Outdoor Fire Pit

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Agua Blue Fireglass in Fire Pit

Beautiful 20″ diameter fire pit pictured with our vibrant Aqua Blue Fire Glass.

The interest for fire glass is already gaining momentum in the Western and Southern States with Spring like conditions. As you can see from the picture above, Glaz Chips Fire Glass products stand out just as beautiful and vibrant in the daytime than nighttime. It’s color characteristics are truly luscious in comparison to standard lava rocks or logs. This alternative option for decor is extremely versatile and thus has been given a lot of interest due to its clean, low maintenance and crystal like attributes. The season continues to gather your family and friends. Why not do it outdoors around a cozy and modern fire pit!

Fire Glass Facts for Natural Gas or Propane Gas Applications

One of the questions a home owner or designer may not immediately inquire about is the effects of using natural or propane gas with Glaz Chips Fire Glass. The fact is natural gas is a preferred application for any of our fire glass colors. Reason being that the characteristics of natural gas are cleaner in comparison when using propane gas. If you are new to any of these applications just imagine the effects of a bbq grill that utilizes propane gas. In time, due to the chemistry of propane, you would eventually see a build up of soot or a dirty build up accumulate on your grill therefore requiring a thorough cleaning before your next bbq. The same applies to a fireplace or fire pit. Although the effects of using propane does not take place immediately, rest assure that in time you would see a build up or dirty film accumulate on your fire glass. Even though Glaz Chips recommends using natural gas as your source of lighting your fireplace, propane is still manageable and can be used. If using propane, however, Glaz Chips Fire Glass recommends selecting dark colors. Please see our recommended list of fire glass colors and mixes below when utilizing propane gas.

Fire Glass Color Recommendations for Propane Gas Applications

  • Sunset Gold Fire Glass
  • Bronze and Gold Fire Glass Mix
  • Black and Gold Fire Glass Mix
  • Blue Reflective Fire Glass
  • Black Reflective Fire Glass
  • Black Fire Glass
  • Gray Fire Glass
  • Bronze Fire Glass
  • Dark Green Fire Glass

Fireplace Crystals for January Sale

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Gold Fireglass Premix : Azuria, Black, Bronze or Green.

Gold Fireglass Premix : Azuria, Black, Bronze or Green.

January 2013 has started off extremely well with this month’s sale of 1/4″ Gold Premixed Fire Glass. Since Glaz Chips Fire Glass came online, gold mixed fire glass crystals has easily been the most popular choice amongst home owners. With the idea of replacing an old contemporary system having lava rocks or dirty logs, fire glass has been the perfect substitute for decor either inside your fireplace or your outdoor fire pit. Originally at $5.75 /lb for gold reflective premixes, Glaz Chips has cut that price to $4.00 / lb plus an additional *10% off. Glaz Chips is all about savings, especially after the holidays.

Love the idea of substituting glass crystals into your fireplace but not sure how much you need? Simply visit our online fire glass calculator and enter dimensions for either a standard indoor fireplace, square or round fire pit and see how much you’ll be needing. Enter SOCMED10 for 10% off at the moment of checking out and watch your savings add up!!!

*Glaz Chips Gold Reflective Mix is offered with Azuria, Black, Bronze or Green and packaged in a 4:1 ratio. Glaz Chips packages its products in 10lb bags, 25 and/or 65 lb buckets. Due to transportation of the glass some minimal cleaning might be required at the time of using your product.

**Glaz Chips Fire Glass is recommended to be used in conjunction with Natural Gas. If using propane gas as your source, it is advised that dark colors such as black, bronze or grey be used. Natural gas is a much pure and clean source of gas compared to propane which will eventually create a dark layer of debris. Minimal maintenance is required with Glaz Chips Fire Glass. A simple wash / rinse with water and drying time will suffice. No chemicals should be used to clean glass.


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Fire Glass Crystals and Burner Hardware in 2013

Stainless steel burners for fireplaces and fire pits.

As 2012 comes to a successful close, Glaz Chips Fire Glass will heavily promote bundles that not will include its various fireglass crystals, but will include stainless steel burners for indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Glaz Chips Fire Glass already maintains a low cost on its glass crystals and the same can be said about its new addition of stainless steel burner hardware.  Feel free to compare glass and hardware prices, Glaz Chips is pretty confident in its product, quality and its low cost throughout the web! Customers have slowly been able to purchase these two items at an extremely low cost and rest assured that it will continue in 2013.

Glaz Chips fireplace hardware is available in dual burner form. Usually the standard among burners, Glaz Chips dual fireplace burners are engineered and manufactured to give you the best and quality flame when lit. Stainless steel burners really showcase a balanced flame and output by strategically having drilled holes. This creates a beautiful even flame that practically dances on your fire glass crystals. The same can be said about the burners that are used outdoors in your fireplace or fire pit. These however are circular burners called o-rings. These too have been engineered to give you the best flame possible when lit. Depending the size that fits your fireplace, some of our stainless steel o-rings can have an addtional ring or two inside the outer ring for a more dramatic look to your fireplace. These stainless steel burners will definitely set the ambiance to your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit!

So now you have either the stainless steel dual burner or o-ring in mind. How about the product? Several customers voice their opinions very directly. “Logs are extremely dirty and they make a mess around my fireplace”. “Lava rocks simply look dull and I want something that’s clean, less maintenance but will look attractive”. That’s where our product comes in. Plus with our prices, it’s no wonder a lot of customers preferred to buy a complete package with their stainless steel burners and fire glass together. Glaz Chips has various colored glass, reflective glass and fire glass premixes to help you out in your decision making. So, without further a do visit our official online store at and see what others have been raving about. Glaz Chips Fire Glass … the solution for a beautiful and modern fireplace.

Burners for Fireplace Availability :

18″ Dual Fireplace Burner
Technical Specification Sheet

24″ Dual Fireplace Burner
Technical Specification Sheet

30″ Dual Fireplace Burner
Technical Specification Sheet

18″ Dual Fireplace Burner with 18″ Pan
Technical Specification Sheet

24″ Dual Fireplace Burner with 18″ Pan
Technical Specification Sheet

30″ Dual Fireplace Burner with 18″ Pan
Technical Specification Sheet

6″ Stainless Steel Fire Ring
Technical Specification Sheet

12″ Stainless Steel Fire Ring
Technical Specification Sheet

18″ Stainless Steel Fire Ring
Technical Specification Sheet

24″ Stainless Steel Fire Ring
Technical Specification Sheet

30″ Stainless Steel Fire O Ring
Technical Specification Sheet

Fireplace Glass Sale for the Month of December

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Fireplace Glass Sale for the Month of December

Take off an additional 15% when ordering through the month of December by entering STRW15 at checkout.

It’s the last couple of days before the holidays are here and Glaz Chips Fire Glass is offering 15% OFF its existing line of fireplace fireglass and stainless steel burner hardware. We already have one of the lowest prices available online and subtracting another 15% off only makes the deal even sweeter. So feel free to browse around our Glaz Chips Fire Glass Official Site and watch those savings add up this holiday season!!! This sale only lasts a couple more days and Glaz Chips Fire Glass is offering free shipping and handling for all its product for purchases over $99. Enter STRW15 at checkout to take advantage of this great holiday sale!!!

“How much fire glass crystals do I need for my gas fireplace?”
Don’t worry, Glaz Chips Fire Glass has an online calculator that will help you out. Simply follow the fireplace diagrams illustrated on the page and enter your dimensions of your fireplace or fire pit. It’s that  simple. Or give us a call toll free at 877-371-1418 and we will be more than happy to help you.

“I have propane gas. Can I still use your fire glass for my fireplace?”
Glaz Chips Fire Glass is recommended for appliances utilizing natural gas. However, you can purchase our fireplace fireglass and still use propane gas. In this instance we recommend purchasing a dark colored fireglass such as Black Fire Glass, Black Reflective Fire Glass, Grey Reflective Fire Glass and Blue Reflective Fire Glass just to name a few. By nature, propane gas is dirty compared to natural gas and will eventually create a layer of debris or make your crystals appear unpleasant to look at. Your firelgass will then eventually need to be maintained more with a simple hose down with water to wash away some of that debris.

“What’s the difference between a standard color and reflective fire glass color?”
This decorative option is all up to the home owner, contractor or designer. However, by adding a reflective color it enhances the way the flame reflects off the glass when lit. The “reflective” part of our fireglass is a mirror-like reflective coating that is extremely pleasing to look at night or day. At night you can witness the flames dance elegantly as it reflects off your reflective fireglass and it looks just as beautiful during the daytime.

Popular Choices from Glaz Chips Fire Glass

Sunset Gold Fire Glass
Price for December 2012 : $3.05 /lb

Silver and Gold Premixed Fire Glass
Price for December 2012 : $6.95 /lb

Azuria and Gold Premixed Fire Glass
Price for December 2012 : $5.75 /lb

Bronze Fire Glass
Price for December 2012 : $3.25 /lb

Black and Gold Premixed Fire Glass
Price for December 2012 : $5.75 /lb

Fireplace Glass Crystals on Sale for December

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Gold Reflective and Silver Premixed Fireglass

Fireglass Special : Gold Reflective and Silver Mixed Fireglass at $6.95/ lb. Make sure to include STRW15 discount code for the month of December.

With Christmas and New Years upon us, customers are always looking for the latest in design and home decor to impress their guests. Well, if you’re reading this you’re off on the right track. Years back fire glass crystals, glass rocks or fireplace crystals as many have called it, was extremely rare and expensive. Fast forward to 2012, home-owners and designers can fully take advantage of Glaz Chips amazing deals and prices on fire glass crystals. You may look around and compare our prices, but truth to the matter is Glaz Chips Fire Glass tempers and tumbles its own fire glass straight from its facility making it far less inexpensive than its competitors. Without further a do, Glaz Chips Fire Glass is offering its top of the line premium fireglass mix to its special. Bring elegance and vibrancy to your indoor gas fireplace or outdoor gas fire pit with Gold and Silver Mixed Fireglass at a price of $6.95/ lb running through the month of December. Whether you want a beautiful contrast for your fireplace or want to bring a little bit of Las Vegas into your home then Gold and Silver Mixed Fire Glass is right for you!!! As a token of our appreciation lets add a 15% discount to your order by entering STRW15 at the checkout window. Free shipping is also available for orders over $99. Now those are some nice savings this holiday season. Glaz Chips Fire Glass hopes you enjoy your fire glass crystals and helped you save some money to purchase more and important gifts!!!

  • Promotional Product : Gold & Silver Mixed Fireglass
  • Promotional Code Offered : STRW15 at checkout for 15% Off Storewide
  • To purchase fireglass product please visit our Official Glaz Chips Fireglass Website.
  • Call us Toll Free ( M – F 8AM – 4 PM MST ) : (877) 371-1418
  • Recommended Appliance : Natural Gas
  • Why Not Propane Gas? : Propane gas is a dirty gas by the nature of its chemistry and would eventually create a layer of debris and cause your fire glass crystals to appear dirty over time. Although propane gas can be used with fire glass, we advise using darker colors such as Black Fireglass, Black Reflective Fireglass, Deep Blue Fireglass, Gray Fireglass, Gray Reflective Fireglass, Bronze Fireglass, Bronze Reflective Fireglass and Green Reflective Fireglass. Minimal maintenance is required when using propane. A simple wash with clean water will do. Please do not use household cleaning products to clean your fireglass.
  • How much fireglass will I need for my fireplace? Easy! Follow our simple instructions on our Fireglass Online Calculator. Our Fireglass calculator will compute for standard indoor fireplaces, square or round fire pits.

2012 Holiday Fireglass Special for Fireplaces

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Fireglass for Gas Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Take advantage of our December 2012 special on fireglass for fireplaces and fire pits.

Whether you want to impress your family and guests this holiday season with something completely different or use as a gift, you can’t go wrong with Glaz Chips Fire Glass. Already one of the lowest priced online products, Glaz Chips Fire Glass is slashing its prices even more. Glaz Chips is putting its top sellers on sale at an amazing and affordable price this December. Sunset Gold Fire Glass, originally priced at $6.95/ lb, is  by far the most popular seller this year. With its near like copper color along with a gold reflective coating Sunset Gold will give your fireplace a new dimension and something pleasant to look at during the night or day time. In case you’re thinking of a lighter color, Glaz Chips is also cutting its prices on Silver Premixed Fireglass. Originally at $5.75 /lb, put some money back in your pocket while witnessing a beautiful combination of Azuria Firelgass with Silver or Green Fireglass with Silver. Either way, Glaz Chips likes to give its customers options for you to take control of your creativity for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. How much fireglass do you need? Take a visit to our online glass calculator on Glaz Chips’ website and punch in your measurements on a standard fireplace, square or round fire pit and find out how much you will need. The holidays are near!!! Give a great impression while your family and guests gather together this holiday season!!! Offer ends 12/31/2012.

Have any questions on our fire glass product? Please visit us online at and drop us a message or call toll free (877) 371-1418. Wait! Use promotional code WP10 at checkout and receive an additional 10% OFF your purchase. Free shipping available for orders over $99 in the continental U.S.

Sunset Gold Fire Glass
Recommended : Natural Gas and Propane Gas
Original Price : $6.95 /lb
Special Price : $3.05 /lb

Silver Premixed Fire Glass
Recommended : Natural Gas
Original Price : $5.75 /lb
Special Price : $3.75 /lb
Glass Mixed with : Green Fireglass, Bronze Fireglass, Black Fireglass, Azuria Fireglass

Gold Premixed Fire Glass
Recommended : Natural Gas
Original Price : $5.75 /lb
Special Price : $3.75 /lb
Glass Mixed with : Green Fireglass, Bronze Fireglass, Black Fireglass, Azuria Fireglass

Aqua Blue Fire Glass
Recommended : Natural Gas and Propane
Original Price : $5.00 /lb
Special Price : $3.75 /lb

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Need Shopping Ideas?

Ten days until Christmas!  Did you finish your shopping for that hard to shop for family member or friend?  If not, do not worry, we have the perfect idea.  Glaz Chips Fire Glass is the perfect stocking stuffer, minus the stuffing in the stocking since it is glass.  However, it does look great when it is placed in a natural gas fireplace or fire pit.  Looking for that unique gift at an amazing price?  Check out our website, for amazing deals and unbelievable savings for the month of December. 

As many know, Glaz Chips fire Glass is hassle free when you consider the typical maintenance of a fireplace or fire pit.  That stress is obsolete with our fire glass, so why not make your loved one’s life easy with this amazingly stunning gift?  We also have the necessary stainless steel hardware to complete the look of modern elegance whether it be for use in your indoor fireplace or outdoor firepit.  Choose from a vast array of colors; premium fireglass, reflective fireglass , popular pre-mixes and watch the flames dance gracefully over your fire glass crystals. 

Like many of the special people in our lives, you probably hear them talk about the desire to redo their home with the latest trends, but the cost of doing so is astronomical.  That is certainly not the case with Glaz Chips Fire Glass.  Help your loved ones start the remodeling process at an affordable price.  You can let them have all the fun with the choosing of colors with our new gift certificate option.  When we say affordable, we mean it.  For the month of December, Glaz Chips Fire Glass is offering everything at a 15% discount which also applies to our gift certificates.  You cannot go wrong with a gift like this.

This holiday, be the one with the new, fresh idea for your family and friends.  Give them the everlasting gift for their home and they will love you for it when they create lasting memories by their new and contemporary fireplace or fire pit.

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Style with fire glass

As we part ways with 2011 and prepare for 2012, Glaz Chips Fire Glass maintains its glory as a home décor trend; even restaurants and resorts are hopping onboard.  What makes Glaz Chips so unique?  First, it is the new sleek, modern décor for fireplaces and fire pits.  It is also hassle-free, in terms of installation and upkeep.  Lastly, people have the liberty to express their style and creativity. 

When we think fire, each individual has a different perception, such as entertainment, radiance, warmth, romance, or bonding time around these brilliant flames.  Glaz Chips gives people the opportunity to take that imagery and take it a step further with fire glass. Glaz Chips Fire Glass is tempered glass with a solid or reflective color for the placement within natural gas fireplaces, fire tables, and fire pits.  The urbane presence it adds to your lustrous flames is breathtaking.

The fireplace and its fire friends have gained a poor reputation throughout the years.  It is costly to properly maintain.  It is too much of a hassle to clean and sometimes the mess finds its way outside of the fireplace and on carpets.  Not to mention, logs are a necessity in order to uphold the ambiance.  However, Glaz Chips Fire Glass does not require you to stray from your fun.  All it needs is an occasional rinse and dry, then back to your natural gas fireplace for your next R&R. 

Style and creativity is a luxury in our lives.  Glaz Chips Fire Glass allows you to easily express yours with mixing and matching.  This fire glass has popular pre-mixes for you to choose from, making modern elegance at your fingertips.  Let yourself be the interior designer this time and relax by the fire, enjoying your creation.  In sum, Glaz Chip Fire Glass allows you to be the trend setter.

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Holidays with Glaz Chips Fire Glass

Happy Holidays!  This year, many homeowners enjoyed their Thanksgiving as Glaz Chips Fire Glass lit up their homes, allowing them to bask in the compliments of visitors.  After company left with an immense amount of leftover turkey and the house returned to its normal state, the homeowner had one less worry – cleaning the fireplace.  The price of beauty has never come without time and labor – until now.

Don’t worry, it is not too late!  With Christmas and New Years upon us, many people are seeing the convenience and beauty of Glaz Chips Fire Glass and they are adding to the ambiance of their home.  Use our popular pre-mix compilations, reflective fire glass, or delve into your creative side and design according to your style.  Style is the key word; your home is guaranteed to exude warmth and class with Glaz Chips Fire Glass.

The fireplace and fire pit are the focal points of a home.  It is the place where loved ones come to gather for reminiscing and making lasting memories.  They are also known as the place where messy ash and constant log replacement is found, so why not throw away that trouble with our low maintenance fire glass.  One occasional rinse and your home will be ready for endless compliments and lasting memories; not to mention, a stunning and long-lasting aesthetic for your home.  Go ahead; enjoy luxury and beauty without the high costs and monotonous upkeep.

Don’t have a natural gas fireplace?  The possibilities are endless with Glaz Chips Fire Glass; people are using it in: aquariums, terrazzo, and adornments to their décor.  You can also give our fire glass as a gift to your loved ones, especially those hard to shop for types.  They will love you for it.  If you think they want to have all the fun in designing, we also have our new gift certificate option.  Express yourself through hearth’s latest trend and allow Glaz Chips Fire Glass add to your exquisite panache for the holidays.