Glaz Chips Fire Glass

The Alternative Product for Fireplaces & Fire Pits


Glaz Chips Fire Glass is a product of Glaz-Tech Industries, which is based in Tucson, Arizona.  Glaz Chips derives and is manufactured from the highest quality of energy-efficient architectural glass.  Glaz Chips packages the fire glass in 65 lbs pail buckets, 25 lbs pail buckets, and 10 lbs polyurethane bags.  It is properly tempered, tumbled and washed to prevent sharp edges and shards, which allows a clean by-product of broken tempered glass for delivery.

Our fire glass maintains heat absorbent characteristics that are key tempering components, which prevent the fire glass from discoloring, melting, combustion, warping, popping, corroding, crumbling, or diminishing Glaz Chips Fire Glass’s tinted and/or reflective attributes.

Glaz Chips Fire Glass places a 10 Year Warranty from the date of original purchase on its fire glass products from any of the above mentioned defects for a glass product with natural gas appliance.  For further information on our warranty, please visit our website at

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