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Tempered Fire Glass vs Regular Annealed Glass

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Gold Reflective Fire Glass that has been tempered versus Blue Green Glass that has not been tempered.

Gold Reflective Fire Glass that has been tempered versus Blue Green Glass that has not been tempered.

When shopping for something different, in this case fire glass like crystals for your fireplace or fire pit, you want to make sure you’re knowledgeable about the product. Since fire glass is relatively new to consumers several questions other than its colors have been brought up, and that’s extremely important. This article will explain the differences and give you some background on the definition of tempered glass versus annealed glass.

One of the biggest reasons why consumers have gone in the direction of fire glass is because you have more options to choose from when it comes to color variations. The idea is to install something that’s modern and really grasp the attention of family and guests. Traditionally lava rocks or logs would have sufficed but options are extremely limited when you’re trying to go for a unique and beautiful look. Not only are you limited but when the time comes to clean your fireplace the idea itself of cleaning the mess is cumbersome. Therefore the use of fire glass has become the next popular home and hearth product. Customers now have the options of choosing a color that’ll match their color scheme to their pool for instance. Or, if their fireplace is indoors and would like to stick to their earth toned color schemes per say a color of Bronze Reflective Fire Glass might be the best solution.

It all sounds perfect and creativity sets in when it comes to choosing your color of choice. However, be knowledgeable when doing your research online and don’t immediately go with the most inexpensive prices. Yes, the colors displayed online are rich and by all means will go perfectly inside a fire pit or fireplace. Glaz Chips Fire Glass strongly advises that you check the characteristics of the glass other than their color.

Fire glass that is suitable for a fireplace or fire pit absolutely must be tempered. Glaz Chips Fire Glass has become the safest choice because of the process that it goes through. Glaz Chips has its own tempering facility which means three things; (1) Appropriate tempering temperatures for fire glass. (2) Glaz Chips Fire Glass does not outsource its glass to be tempered elsewhere. (3) Glass is not recycled glass that are thrown in bins and then tempered. Glaz Chips Fire Glass tempers stock sheets that are still in cases. So what are the dangers or hazards if glass is not tempered? Here’s a list that we have come up with :

Possible Hazards if Glass is Not Tempered :

  • The fracture pattern when broken or crushed will leave large shards. It makes it extremely dangerous when installing in a fire pit or fireplace. (See image of Gold Reflective Fire Glass versus Blue Green Annealed Glass)
  • Tumbling glass that has not been tempered appropriately will leave sharp edges.
  • Tempered glass has already been formulated to withstand heat. However, glass that has not been tempered and is annealed will increase the risk of cracking and possibly popping due to the range of heat it is undergoing.

Why Use Glaz Chips Fire Glass & the Advantages of Having Tempered Fire Glass Installed in Your Home :

  • Formulated tempering measures have been designed so that fire glass can withstand the heat of a standard fire place or fire pit.
  • Glass breaks in a nice fracture pattern (see Gold Reflective Glass image above) and is tumbled to prevent shards or sharp edges making it suitable to handle.
  • Tempered glass will not warp, melt or discolor throughout its period when installed in a fire pit or fireplace.
  • Tempered glass will not pop during hot temperatures due to its tempering process that it has already undergone.
  • Recommended for natural gas applications however can be used with propane gas. When using propane gas as your source, keep in mind that propane is a slightly dirtier form of gas in comparison to natural gas. It is advised to use darker Glaz Chips Fire Glass colors.
  • Requires minimal maintenance. A simple wash and rinse with water will do before it gets inserted back to your fireplace or fire pit. (No windex or cleaning chemicals needed.)
  • Fire glass will not emit any gases or toxic fumes.

In short, tempered glass is considered safety glass that will fracture in square pieces when broken and is therefore less likely to cause injury. Annealed glass, although inexpensive because it is not tempered, will more than likely crack when exposed to hot temperatures and will break off into large and sharp shards increasing the chance of injury. Now that you have those details in hand shop with ease knowing that our fire glass is not only manufactured in the United States but undergoes a tempering process which will result in a product that’ll last! Visit us today or request a sample at

Glaz Chips Fire Glass is a product of Glaz-Tech Industries Manufactured Out of Tucson, Arizona.

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